Why do we believe in God?


Why do people need a God to feel fulfilled and to be happy? Can't we be happy with what we have already? I think its just human nature to not feel alone in this world. That's why we seek companionship, romantic or friendly, because we are social creatures. Even the most social outcast has someone that they confide in or have imaginary friends.

God is just another imaginary friend. Here is a friend that is with you forever, who is merciful and understands you. Its like having an imaginary best friend that you call out for help when you need it. The problem is that we don't hear a response, so we seek signs, omens, or priests, who we are told are in communication with God. Priests and Prophets are like the middle men between God and the world. It's funny how God always chooses Prophets in private, usually in a dream, and tells them "Ok, I'm God, this is what I want to tell the people".

No one believes "prophets" anymore because most people can tell that he's just some crazy guy that talks to himself a lot. Priest are still respected simply because they have a church and fancy wardrobe that looks impressive. In the end they are still just old men wearing outdated clothing - who walks around in a robe anymore? At least pastors spend their "hard" earned money on expensive suits at the same store pimps get theirs. I don't know why people think that Priest are so great, I mean, one thing is believing in and imaginary man in space and another thing is thinking that you got to spend your life working for them.

If God is all powerful, why does he need men to do his work? In Catholicism one must confess sins to a catholic priest. Its such an embarrassing act, here you are in a dark closet, speaking to another person, and telling him all the sins that you have committed. But what happens? Most people end up committing the same sins over and over. Who out there hasn't confessed the same sin more than once? Stop confessing your sins, plus the majority of those so called "sins" didn't really hurt anyone.



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