Why do we believe in God?

These are just my thoughts...

I'm just an average Joe. I do not believe in any dogma or any powerful being. I don't like labels but I guess I'm an atheist, although I think of my self as just plain rational. I don't claim to disprove God's existence, I make no such claim because I cannot prove that God doesn't exist. No religion can prove that he does either. Its all faith. I know that I cannot compete against faith. I am just talking about having reasonable doubt.

I was brought up catholic and spend many Sundays at church. I stopped believing in God when I started to try to use rational thinking to justify my belief. I began to ask questions and wasn't too satisfied with the response. It seems that no matter what you ask, you get the same response: God has a plan or God works in mysterious ways. You never
get a legitimate answer, you get similes, metaphors, and other "theories" that just have no real argument.

I look at history and see the bloody history of man kind, and religion is one of the reason of why there has been so much violence in the world. Which is very surprising, because religion is supposed to teach people peace and tolerance. Religion does not bring people together, in fact it divides people, because they can't seem to agree on who's praying to the right God. Even when they are praying to the same God, they still can't agree on the fine print. How many different christian churches are there? I've lost count myself.

Anyway, I'm not here to convert anyone, I just want to speak about what I believe. Isn't that what other religious people do? Except they try to convert others. I will not knock on your door wearing a white shirt and a black tie holding the book of evolution. I promise. Even if you payed me with charitable donations...

Note: Remember that the Google Ads are generated by google, I did not choose them. I do not endorse any of those sites in particular. Google just realizes that I speak about God and chooses sites that do the same. I don't mind that the other side of the argument is advertised, I encourage you to glance at those sites. Nothing they say ever makes sense... to me at least.

Thanks for reading,

- Rafael G.

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