Why do we believe in God?


 Religion did not create morals, people did, just as they created religion. I think that everyone agrees that everything should be fair. That no one should steal the things you own, or kill you just for the hell of it. Moral thinking did not come from religion, it came from rational people that agreed that certain acts should be prohibited. Thus laws were created. I am not saying that laws are prefect, but at least we can change them. Not all laws are moral, like anything made by man (including religion) it has flaws. But at least we are working on making things fair for everyone.

While we have the freedom to do what ever we want to do, it comes with responsibility. Everyone realizes this when they reach a maturity age. Our laws keep us moral, I would never think it's a good idea to rob a store. Why? Because I don't want to go to jail. The world will sign a peace agreement (a cease fire, if you will) once religion is out of the picture.



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