Why do we believe in God?


Let me share with you the story of a messiah that was written a long-long time ago. His coming was announced by an angel to a young virgin. She was told that she would give birth to a son who would be the only begotten son of God. The adoptive father joined the young virgin to protect her and he was a direct descendant of royalty.

The boy's birth was witnessed by shepherds and three noble men who came to adore the god-child. They followed a star in the sky to arrive at his birthplace. The boy was immediately in danger and the family fled thanks to the advise of an angel.

The boy grew to be a man, and at age 30 was baptized in a river. The baptist was later beheaded for this action. The young messiah then started his ministry and gathered a following of  disciples. He was tempted in the dessert, but he resisted. He performed many miracles including: walking on water, commanding the seas, healing the sick, making the blind sea, and most impressive of all, raising the dead.

He became popular and was known as the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, and the fisher. He was condemned for death and was crucified along with two thieves. His body was buried in a tomb but rose from the death by the third day.

This is not the story of Jesus, but rather the story of Horus. His story was written in the Egyptian "Book of the dead" many centuries before Jesus (2000BC). What most Christians don't know is that the story of Jesus is not original. In fact there are other messiahs/gods that are very similar to the story of Jesus: Mythra and Krishna are two other great examples.

Just goes to show you that the new testament was written using the many stories that surrounded the area during that time. Its just that Christianity in the end triumphed over the rest of them in the Western World.



05/05/2009 08:00

A couple of points:

It's weird that Horus was crucified. I thought that was a Phoenician punishment?

Your understanding of science really needs some work. Pic of black swan refers. Have you EVER heard of Karl Popper? Falsification?

God can never be a hypothesis, because the existence of a being unlimited in any way is NOT testable. As scientists, we can only measure that which is limited in at least some way.
The common atheistic demand for proof of God betrays a lack of understanding of the philosophy of Science.

Yes, I'm a Christian.
Yes, I'm a scientist. A zoologist, to be precise. I know very well how science works, and what exactly evolutionary theory says - although it's getting a bit difficult to define, as it's been revised in an ad hoc fashion so often. I'm not saying that Darwin was wrong, I'm saying that other pieces of scientific knowledge such as Mendelian genetics were problematic to fit to Darwinian theory.
Additionally, some fringe (non-orthodox, not loony) research is showing that the generally accepted model of neo-Darwinian evolution could be flawed. Mutations might not be random (and no, don't accuse me of teleology, I can show you a good Darwinian argument for how such a mechanism might evolve).

Your understanding of sin is NOT Biblical - no, I do not expect you as an atheist to believe in the reality of sin, I am simply saying that your critique of sin is not an accurate criticism of the book in question, which clearly states that sin is when we turn to our own desires and follow our own path, rather than God's path. All rules provided in the Bible are simply indications of how to stay roughly in the playing field, and how to get along with each other.

Your comments on the Egyptian origin of the Ten Commandments: it is well-acknowledged by thinking Christians that Egyptian religion did profoundly influence the Jews. But the entire Bible can be read in that way, as a progressive development of human understanding of God, rather than as direct divine revelation.

I would value any response you make to these points.

Cheers mate!

10/21/2010 03:07

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05/02/2012 23:48

according to greek mythology horus as born to the god isis and was the god of the sun, protection, war, and sky...

Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost, that one dude up in heaven is much different than any other God. take time to read the Bible and you might understand

05/04/2012 19:46

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