Why do we believe in God?


Hell, wow what a concept. I applaud the geniuses who thought of this concept when they got together to make up the first religion to use it. I mean its such a perfect way to scare people into believing without proof. You are told all the great things about God, this miracle, that miracle, but then, WHAM! HELL. You will go to Hell if you do not accept God.

Hell is such a powerful motivator and I understand why people are still clinging on to their beliefs (even though deep down inside, they question it). It took me some time to get over my faith and Hell was the primary reason why it didn't happen sooner. I'm willing to guess that 85% of the reason why people belive in God is because they are scared of Hell.

Religion is a tricky sale, but Hell is what a sales person would call the perfect closer. As soon as people want to turn away from religion, they pull out the Hell card, and you're locked in. Another soul saved. Which is the ironic thing, they believe they are doing you a favor, they are saving your soul, and for that you need to give them money.


For the most part, Creationists just haven't taken the time to open a science book. Most have the audacity to claim that Evolution is just a "theory". Which, ironically, they are right. If they actually knew what a scientific theory is, then they would understand that a theory is not the same thing as a guess.

A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it; so theoretically, it is possible to dispute a theory if you are able to disprove the hypothesis or group of hypotheses with real observations.

So the creationist should first find evidence that disproves the evolution theory before they can make any claim that Evolution is false. What creationists must understand that in order to disprove Evolution, they have to disprove countless of tested hypothesis that support Evolution.

Creationism doesn't have real science (evidence) to support it, its just a collection of guesses that are fueled by old superstitions.To this day the Creationist hypothesis has not ben awarded the title of a scientific theory. Evolution is a theory, creationism is not; its just a belief. Faith, by it's definition, means to accept something as true without proof. That is where Science and Faith stand divided.

I read great analogy that can further explain to you what a theory is:

Hypothesis: All swans must be white.
Observation: Every swan I've ever seen is white. 
Test: A random sampling of swans from each continent where swans are indigenous produces only white swans.
Publication: "My global research has indicated that swans are always white, wherever they are observed."
Verification: Every swan any other scientist has ever observed in any country has always been white.
Theory: All swans are white.


Sin: any act regarded as such a transgression; a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.

To put it simply, a sin is when you break a religious law. That is something important to point out: a law. Because that's what religion is at is very core, just a set of laws to follow, and it instructs followers to not break its religious laws. In return, the followers are promised an eternal life with God after death. I mean they are 100% sure of it. Which is just so weird to me. How can you be sure what happens after death, when its not something anyone can truly explain from first hand experience? Lets face it its not a proven hypothesis. But even I can't say that there isn't a heaven or hell, because there is no proof to prove or disprove their existance. 

But you got to be saved! Saved from what? Salvation, salvation, salvation! What do we need to be saved from exactly? The fact that our ancestor (Eve) ate a piece of fruit she wasn't supposed to? I didn't find anywhere in the story of Adam and Eve (Genesis), where it talks about original sin. Does anyone know where the concept of original sin is located in the Bible?

This is what Christianity/Catholicism preaches, that we are all born with original sin and therefore we must be baptized in order for our souls to be saved. So the fact that I was born, means I have original sin? Original sin is an oxymoron in itself. The very definition of sin is when you break a religious law. How can a baby break a religious law just by existing? The answer to that, is that is inherited by Eve. Wow, so god is punishing the souls of unborn babies just because Eve ate a fruit. Its so funny to me that religious people try to defend the things about religion that are just so unrealistic. Oh, God knows what he is doing, he is omnipotent, his ways are higher than ours, blah, blah...


The founding fathers would be embarrassed of this country if they were still around today and hear politicians and religious fanatics utter such things as "in God we trust", "God bless America", or "this is God's country". In fact many religious people don't, or just ignore, the fact that the founding fathers were very anti-religion. They created the constitution and made sure that religion did NOT interfere in politics, thus the creation of the separation of church and state. My favorite founding father is Thomas Jefferson.

"Religions are all alike – founded upon fables and mythologies."
"I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature."
- Thomas Jefferson, 3 rd president of the United States

In fact, he wrote a book called The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth. He re-wrote the the new testament and took out all the bells and whistles; the virgin birth, the miracles, and the claim of Jesus' divinity. This is a huge slap to the face to all Christians. Other great minds include:

"Lighthouses are more helpful than churches."- Benjamin Franklin

"This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it." - John Adams

"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." - James Madison

I could go on and on, quote after quote, of the very creators of this country who all knew that religion did not have a place in the progress of their newly formed union. How did the US become so Christian all of a sudden?


Every religion always uses a set of code/morals to persuade people into believing that their religion brings good to the world. The following Commandmends were writen in the Book of Dead (2000 BC), if you read closely you will notice that they sound very familiar to the Judeo-Christian's version in the Bible.  Just replace "I have not" to "Thou shalt not"

I have not committed sin.
I have not robbed.
I have not killed men.
I have not plundered the property of God.
I have not lied.
I have not defiled any man's wife.
I have not defiled myself.
I have not cursed the king.
I have not acted deceitfully
I have not turned a deaf ear to the words of the Law (or Truth)

One thing to note about the 8th comandment, is that one must understand that the king was considered to be a God himself. That is the reason why they build elaborate tombs/pyramids to house the bodies of their Kings.

When the Bible was written, there were other religions being practiced throughout the region. I think that it was very important for them to write stories that shared similar traits to what other religions were doing. It makes it easier to convert people. This is why there are so many "pegan" references in today's Christianity.


Let me share with you the story of a messiah that was written a long-long time ago. His coming was announced by an angel to a young virgin. She was told that she would give birth to a son who would be the only begotten son of God. The adoptive father joined the young virgin to protect her and he was a direct descendant of royalty.

The boy's birth was witnessed by shepherds and three noble men who came to adore the god-child. They followed a star in the sky to arrive at his birthplace. The boy was immediately in danger and the family fled thanks to the advise of an angel.

The boy grew to be a man, and at age 30 was baptized in a river. The baptist was later beheaded for this action. The young messiah then started his ministry and gathered a following of  disciples. He was tempted in the dessert, but he resisted. He performed many miracles including: walking on water, commanding the seas, healing the sick, making the blind sea, and most impressive of all, raising the dead.

He became popular and was known as the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, and the fisher. He was condemned for death and was crucified along with two thieves. His body was buried in a tomb but rose from the death by the third day.

This is not the story of Jesus, but rather the story of Horus. His story was written in the Egyptian "Book of the dead" many centuries before Jesus (2000BC). What most Christians don't know is that the story of Jesus is not original. In fact there are other messiahs/gods that are very similar to the story of Jesus: Mythra and Krishna are two other great examples.

Just goes to show you that the new testament was written using the many stories that surrounded the area during that time. Its just that Christianity in the end triumphed over the rest of them in the Western World.


In the Bible, God tells us to kill other people. Why does God want us to kill? I though the point of religion was to bring peace and to stop human suffering. But I guess, its all part of God's plan right? Here are a few (and I mean just a few) verses where the almighty commands his followers to kill other people.

"... he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death" 
Exodus 21:17

Sounds like a very harsh punishment. The crime doesn't fit the punishment, does it? Here is another.

"Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves"
Numbers 31:17-18

In this chapter from the book Numbers, God is tells Moses to wage war against the Midianites. The Israelis win their battles and kill all the adult males, destroy the cities of the Midianites, and capture all the children and women. Then in these two verses, he commands them to kill every male child and any woman that is not a virgin. Then tells them to keep the young virgin girls for themselves. 

The following verse, however, would kill off so many people of the earth:

"For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day must be put to death" 
Exodus 31:15

Man, I should have died a long time ago. How many people do you know work on a Sunday? God is telling us that they must be killed. He's very clear about it. Christians often like to ignore these passages. I could go on and on, but you can find more verses where God is telling us to kill. Yet one of his commandments is not to kill. There are so many contradictions in the bible, its enough to make your head spin.


When you really think about it, prayer doesn't accomplish anything. When disaster hits, prayer does NOTHING to fix a problem, it only makes people reflect on the situation. When people say pray for the troops, I say give them the right tools and guns so they come home alive. When people say pray for the president to make the right decisions, I say pray to god he's nothing like George Bush. He prayed a lot for the war in Iraq, but he didn't exactly handled that situation too well did he?

What has prayer really done? Is there proof that prayer works? If you pray for rain, and it does, does it mean that your prayer worked? No, it just means that it rained. Had it not rained, religious leaders will just tell you that it wasn't God's will to make it rain, but keep praying until it does. I say one should wait patiently for rain to come, and meanwhile water your plants. Prayer won't water your plants.

No one can prove prayer works. Even religious people can say that God doesn't always answer their prayers. If prayer worked, more people would be winning the lotto.


Religion is the first direct marketing company in the planet. All you need to start a religion is to come up with a story about a Savior/Messiah/etc that sounds so extreme that it must be true. You get a few people to believe it, and then they tell their friends and so on. Then your believers pass it on to your children so that the next generation cannot question why their parents believe in these crazy stories and in a few more generations you have a following of people who believe in your story because that's what their ancestors believed in. When does the cycle end?

When the new children of the world take a good hard look at religion and ask questions, then the world will take off the chains and actually progress. There is nothing wrong with doubting God and having questions. Had the Germans done more of that then Hitler might have not gotten so powerful. After all, Hitler did not kill Jews. He had his henchmen who were Christian, to do all the dirty work.

Religions are getting more insane. Scientology? WTF? Look it up if you haven't heard of this crazy new religion. These newer religions are more crazy than the original ones. They have to be, in order to compete.


When our world rids itself of religion mankind will truly prosper. Mankind will be able to spend lost time and money to actually make the world a better place to live. Imagine what can be done with all that money that is wasted in the collection bin every Sunday. What if we take that money and actually do something productive with it, instead of fixing churches or buying more candles, we should spend that money on feeding the hungry and other charity work.

Is it not crazy that the United States has an over abundance of food to the point that we are the fattest country in the world? Meanwhile there are starving families in our country and around the world. Its 2009, nobody should be dying of hunger or dehydration. I think that the US government should launch a massive campaign (and I mean massive) to give aid to places where they have no clean running water and feed the starving people of the world. This could have been done in 2003, but we elected a president that took our money and financed a war. With that money, we could have fed everyone in the planet for many years; I'm no math wiz, but I would bet for many years.