Why do we believe in God?


When our world rids itself of religion mankind will truly prosper. Mankind will be able to spend lost time and money to actually make the world a better place to live. Imagine what can be done with all that money that is wasted in the collection bin every Sunday. What if we take that money and actually do something productive with it, instead of fixing churches or buying more candles, we should spend that money on feeding the hungry and other charity work.

Is it not crazy that the United States has an over abundance of food to the point that we are the fattest country in the world? Meanwhile there are starving families in our country and around the world. Its 2009, nobody should be dying of hunger or dehydration. I think that the US government should launch a massive campaign (and I mean massive) to give aid to places where they have no clean running water and feed the starving people of the world. This could have been done in 2003, but we elected a president that took our money and financed a war. With that money, we could have fed everyone in the planet for many years; I'm no math wiz, but I would bet for many years.


This always makes me laugh. When religious people try to "prove" that God exists, by pointing to the Bible. There are people out there who truly believe the Bible's interpretation of the creation of our world (Creationism). Please, I advise to everyone, if you already haven't done so, go read the first few chapters of the first book (Genesis) of the Bible.

It says a lot of nutty things, but one must stop and come to the rational conclusion that this is nothing but a story, a myth, something that was made up by people. A man sat down and wrote this story. No one was there to record these events as facts. It was a story to help explain the unexplainable; our existence. Religious people have to understand that the Bible cannot explain our creation.

Modern science began after Galileo's discoveries, a thousand years after the last of the New testament's books were written. There is a long gap between the time when the bible was written to modern science. We now know more things than we did back then. One of these things is that the world is much older than 6,000 years old. We also now know that we live on a round planet that is floating in outer space and is moving very rapidly around a giant ball of fire (sun). If modern science cannot explain the beginning of our existence, how can people believe the crazy stories written by people who knew nothing of modern science? What makes the Bible so credible?


USA Today has a story about how there has been an increase of non-religious people. Last year the American Religious Identification Survey found that 15.0% of Americans are not religious. That makes up 34.2 million people in America. So I am not alone people! Please take a look at the results bellow or follow the link for the article.

The results tell the whole story, religion is on the decline. None of the large religions increased over the past 18 years and the ones that have a positive percentage increased by less than 0.5% which is the margin of error for this survey. Non believers are now a part of the Third largest group of Americans. But when it comes to power and influence we are still the weakest link. Its time for the non-believers to come out and proclaim what we don't believe in a God. Let it be known, don't be shy. Don't allow religious leaders and fanatics (that are doped up on God) run the country.

Its going to be hard to reach the top spot, but if the current trend continues, in 30 years we will reach that point. Now, religious people, please don't fear us. We are not out there recruiting new members, they themselves are loosing their faiths for whatever reason. I lost mine because I searched for evidence to explain the Catholic religion. To those that think that they have proof, if what you say was evidence, then it would be more widely known and the God debate would have been settled.

Results of the ARIS from 1990 - 2008 (USA)

Religion /Population (millions)/1990 %/ 2008 %/Change in percentage
Catholic                               57.2                     26.2%             25.1%              -1.1%
Baptist                                  36.1                     19.3%              15.8%             -3.5%
No religion                         34.2                     8.2%               15.0%              6.8%
Christian, generic            32.4                     14.8%              14.2%            -0.6%
Mainline Protestant       29.4                    18.7%                12.9%            -5.8%
Don't Know/Refused      11.8                    2.3%                   5.2%               2.9%
Pentecosta                           8.0                      3.2%                   3.5%              0.3%
Protestant                            7.1                       2.6%                   3.1%              0.5%
Mormon                               3.2                        1.4%                  1.4%              0.0%
New movements               2.8                       0.8%                   1.2%              0.4%
Jewish                                    2.7                        1.8%                   1.2%            -0.6%
Eastern religions              2.0                        0.4%                  0.9%             0.5%
Muslim                                 1.4                         0.3%                  0.6%             0.3%


All religions promise the same concept of a heaven after death. Some claim a paradise, others outer space on far away planets (Mormons), but they all claim a heaven like paradise where they will live for eternity. Some even claim virgins will be there which implies that heaven for men, at least for straight men, is having a whole lot of sex.

Death is a mysterious and terrifying reality that everyone must come to terms with. The majority deal with death by believing a fairy tale. Religions are selling an invisible products, a way of living, a code of ethics, an imaginary boss, and an afterlife.


 Religion did not create morals, people did, just as they created religion. I think that everyone agrees that everything should be fair. That no one should steal the things you own, or kill you just for the hell of it. Moral thinking did not come from religion, it came from rational people that agreed that certain acts should be prohibited. Thus laws were created. I am not saying that laws are prefect, but at least we can change them. Not all laws are moral, like anything made by man (including religion) it has flaws. But at least we are working on making things fair for everyone.

While we have the freedom to do what ever we want to do, it comes with responsibility. Everyone realizes this when they reach a maturity age. Our laws keep us moral, I would never think it's a good idea to rob a store. Why? Because I don't want to go to jail. The world will sign a peace agreement (a cease fire, if you will) once religion is out of the picture.


Archeologist date the origin of the Homo sapiens around 160,000 years ago using carbon dating. Fossilized remains of early Homo Sapiens were discovered in Ethiopia in 1997 by Tim White. Now imagine for a second that you were born in that era. The world must have looked like such a mysterious place. This was the time of many firsts and this is when man first thought about God - or Gods in this case.

Man could not begin to comprehend the world and space around them. Naturally it makes sense that they began to believe in powerful beings that controlled their existence. Imagine seeing a volcano erupt, feel the wrath of an earthquake, or the sound of thunder. Wouldn't you believe in a higher power? Imaginary Gods was the easiest way to explain the unexplainable.

Polytheism is the belief in more than one God and early cultures adopted different polytheistic religions. Arguably the oldest form of a polytheistic religion that is still around is Hinduism, it has been around for thousands of years and it dates back to 3000 BC.

Although their surrounding world led them to believe in many Gods, death was, and still is, the most hardest concept to explain. Life after death is what all religions promise to explain, but how can you explain something that cannot be explained? The answer is: you can't. No one can prove what will happen after death. You can only believe in what happens. Just because you believe something doesn't make it true.

But why would man invent Gods? I think that one can argue that the answer is simply power. That could have been the most powerful motivator for early man to make up such wild stories. When you hold all the answers you have the power. Soon you have everyone believing in the Gods you preach and later they build temples and follow your command. Government wasn't yet established during this time, but religious elders held the power over these first civilizations. Over time the Gods changed names and new stories emerged. Ever since the first people began to believe in a God, religion has played a big part in shaping the course of human history.


Why do people need a God to feel fulfilled and to be happy? Can't we be happy with what we have already? I think its just human nature to not feel alone in this world. That's why we seek companionship, romantic or friendly, because we are social creatures. Even the most social outcast has someone that they confide in or have imaginary friends.

God is just another imaginary friend. Here is a friend that is with you forever, who is merciful and understands you. Its like having an imaginary best friend that you call out for help when you need it. The problem is that we don't hear a response, so we seek signs, omens, or priests, who we are told are in communication with God. Priests and Prophets are like the middle men between God and the world. It's funny how God always chooses Prophets in private, usually in a dream, and tells them "Ok, I'm God, this is what I want to tell the people".

No one believes "prophets" anymore because most people can tell that he's just some crazy guy that talks to himself a lot. Priest are still respected simply because they have a church and fancy wardrobe that looks impressive. In the end they are still just old men wearing outdated clothing - who walks around in a robe anymore? At least pastors spend their "hard" earned money on expensive suits at the same store pimps get theirs. I don't know why people think that Priest are so great, I mean, one thing is believing in and imaginary man in space and another thing is thinking that you got to spend your life working for them.

If God is all powerful, why does he need men to do his work? In Catholicism one must confess sins to a catholic priest. Its such an embarrassing act, here you are in a dark closet, speaking to another person, and telling him all the sins that you have committed. But what happens? Most people end up committing the same sins over and over. Who out there hasn't confessed the same sin more than once? Stop confessing your sins, plus the majority of those so called "sins" didn't really hurt anyone.