Why do we believe in God?


This always makes me laugh. When religious people try to "prove" that God exists, by pointing to the Bible. There are people out there who truly believe the Bible's interpretation of the creation of our world (Creationism). Please, I advise to everyone, if you already haven't done so, go read the first few chapters of the first book (Genesis) of the Bible.

It says a lot of nutty things, but one must stop and come to the rational conclusion that this is nothing but a story, a myth, something that was made up by people. A man sat down and wrote this story. No one was there to record these events as facts. It was a story to help explain the unexplainable; our existence. Religious people have to understand that the Bible cannot explain our creation.

Modern science began after Galileo's discoveries, a thousand years after the last of the New testament's books were written. There is a long gap between the time when the bible was written to modern science. We now know more things than we did back then. One of these things is that the world is much older than 6,000 years old. We also now know that we live on a round planet that is floating in outer space and is moving very rapidly around a giant ball of fire (sun). If modern science cannot explain the beginning of our existence, how can people believe the crazy stories written by people who knew nothing of modern science? What makes the Bible so credible?



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