Why do we believe in God?


USA Today has a story about how there has been an increase of non-religious people. Last year the American Religious Identification Survey found that 15.0% of Americans are not religious. That makes up 34.2 million people in America. So I am not alone people! Please take a look at the results bellow or follow the link for the article.

The results tell the whole story, religion is on the decline. None of the large religions increased over the past 18 years and the ones that have a positive percentage increased by less than 0.5% which is the margin of error for this survey. Non believers are now a part of the Third largest group of Americans. But when it comes to power and influence we are still the weakest link. Its time for the non-believers to come out and proclaim what we don't believe in a God. Let it be known, don't be shy. Don't allow religious leaders and fanatics (that are doped up on God) run the country.

Its going to be hard to reach the top spot, but if the current trend continues, in 30 years we will reach that point. Now, religious people, please don't fear us. We are not out there recruiting new members, they themselves are loosing their faiths for whatever reason. I lost mine because I searched for evidence to explain the Catholic religion. To those that think that they have proof, if what you say was evidence, then it would be more widely known and the God debate would have been settled.

Results of the ARIS from 1990 - 2008 (USA)

Religion /Population (millions)/1990 %/ 2008 %/Change in percentage
Catholic                               57.2                     26.2%             25.1%              -1.1%
Baptist                                  36.1                     19.3%              15.8%             -3.5%
No religion                         34.2                     8.2%               15.0%              6.8%
Christian, generic            32.4                     14.8%              14.2%            -0.6%
Mainline Protestant       29.4                    18.7%                12.9%            -5.8%
Don't Know/Refused      11.8                    2.3%                   5.2%               2.9%
Pentecosta                           8.0                      3.2%                   3.5%              0.3%
Protestant                            7.1                       2.6%                   3.1%              0.5%
Mormon                               3.2                        1.4%                  1.4%              0.0%
New movements               2.8                       0.8%                   1.2%              0.4%
Jewish                                    2.7                        1.8%                   1.2%            -0.6%
Eastern religions              2.0                        0.4%                  0.9%             0.5%
Muslim                                 1.4                         0.3%                  0.6%             0.3%



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