Why do we believe in God?


Sin: any act regarded as such a transgression; a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.

To put it simply, a sin is when you break a religious law. That is something important to point out: a law. Because that's what religion is at is very core, just a set of laws to follow, and it instructs followers to not break its religious laws. In return, the followers are promised an eternal life with God after death. I mean they are 100% sure of it. Which is just so weird to me. How can you be sure what happens after death, when its not something anyone can truly explain from first hand experience? Lets face it its not a proven hypothesis. But even I can't say that there isn't a heaven or hell, because there is no proof to prove or disprove their existance. 

But you got to be saved! Saved from what? Salvation, salvation, salvation! What do we need to be saved from exactly? The fact that our ancestor (Eve) ate a piece of fruit she wasn't supposed to? I didn't find anywhere in the story of Adam and Eve (Genesis), where it talks about original sin. Does anyone know where the concept of original sin is located in the Bible?

This is what Christianity/Catholicism preaches, that we are all born with original sin and therefore we must be baptized in order for our souls to be saved. So the fact that I was born, means I have original sin? Original sin is an oxymoron in itself. The very definition of sin is when you break a religious law. How can a baby break a religious law just by existing? The answer to that, is that is inherited by Eve. Wow, so god is punishing the souls of unborn babies just because Eve ate a fruit. Its so funny to me that religious people try to defend the things about religion that are just so unrealistic. Oh, God knows what he is doing, he is omnipotent, his ways are higher than ours, blah, blah...



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there is a lot of incorrect information here...
following God isnt about laws. the point of the commandments and "rules" God told us to follow is to point out that we cant. this whole Original sin thing is the fact that its impossible to live without sinning. you cant earn your way into heaven. much less by following religious laws...derp. And God does not punish us, he gave us free will. what happens to us is our own darn fault.
you dont have to be baptized to be saved, baptism is just a public declaration of faith.
faith...derp, thats what its called. faith in God.

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