Why do we believe in God?


Hell, wow what a concept. I applaud the geniuses who thought of this concept when they got together to make up the first religion to use it. I mean its such a perfect way to scare people into believing without proof. You are told all the great things about God, this miracle, that miracle, but then, WHAM! HELL. You will go to Hell if you do not accept God.

Hell is such a powerful motivator and I understand why people are still clinging on to their beliefs (even though deep down inside, they question it). It took me some time to get over my faith and Hell was the primary reason why it didn't happen sooner. I'm willing to guess that 85% of the reason why people belive in God is because they are scared of Hell.

Religion is a tricky sale, but Hell is what a sales person would call the perfect closer. As soon as people want to turn away from religion, they pull out the Hell card, and you're locked in. Another soul saved. Which is the ironic thing, they believe they are doing you a favor, they are saving your soul, and for that you need to give them money.



11/26/2010 22:10

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12/09/2010 01:04

The greatest danger in deceiving others is that one will surely end up deceiving one's self.

05/02/2012 23:41

dont believe in God= hell. thats true. however its not a sales pitch, or a man standing on a box yelling REPENT OR BURN. although that does happen those are wrong.
its just that ignorance of the truth puts yourself in hell. to say it bluntly.
a real church does not preach to get money from people, the money comes from people who want to give it. some churches take advantage of this, they are wrong

05/06/2012 06:48

very dangerous picture.


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07/17/2012 01:35

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