Why do we believe in God?


When our world rids itself of religion mankind will truly prosper. Mankind will be able to spend lost time and money to actually make the world a better place to live. Imagine what can be done with all that money that is wasted in the collection bin every Sunday. What if we take that money and actually do something productive with it, instead of fixing churches or buying more candles, we should spend that money on feeding the hungry and other charity work.

Is it not crazy that the United States has an over abundance of food to the point that we are the fattest country in the world? Meanwhile there are starving families in our country and around the world. Its 2009, nobody should be dying of hunger or dehydration. I think that the US government should launch a massive campaign (and I mean massive) to give aid to places where they have no clean running water and feed the starving people of the world. This could have been done in 2003, but we elected a president that took our money and financed a war. With that money, we could have fed everyone in the planet for many years; I'm no math wiz, but I would bet for many years.