Why do we believe in God?


Hell, wow what a concept. I applaud the geniuses who thought of this concept when they got together to make up the first religion to use it. I mean its such a perfect way to scare people into believing without proof. You are told all the great things about God, this miracle, that miracle, but then, WHAM! HELL. You will go to Hell if you do not accept God.

Hell is such a powerful motivator and I understand why people are still clinging on to their beliefs (even though deep down inside, they question it). It took me some time to get over my faith and Hell was the primary reason why it didn't happen sooner. I'm willing to guess that 85% of the reason why people belive in God is because they are scared of Hell.

Religion is a tricky sale, but Hell is what a sales person would call the perfect closer. As soon as people want to turn away from religion, they pull out the Hell card, and you're locked in. Another soul saved. Which is the ironic thing, they believe they are doing you a favor, they are saving your soul, and for that you need to give them money.


Every religion always uses a set of code/morals to persuade people into believing that their religion brings good to the world. The following Commandmends were writen in the Book of Dead (2000 BC), if you read closely you will notice that they sound very familiar to the Judeo-Christian's version in the Bible.  Just replace "I have not" to "Thou shalt not"

I have not committed sin.
I have not robbed.
I have not killed men.
I have not plundered the property of God.
I have not lied.
I have not defiled any man's wife.
I have not defiled myself.
I have not cursed the king.
I have not acted deceitfully
I have not turned a deaf ear to the words of the Law (or Truth)

One thing to note about the 8th comandment, is that one must understand that the king was considered to be a God himself. That is the reason why they build elaborate tombs/pyramids to house the bodies of their Kings.

When the Bible was written, there were other religions being practiced throughout the region. I think that it was very important for them to write stories that shared similar traits to what other religions were doing. It makes it easier to convert people. This is why there are so many "pegan" references in today's Christianity.


Why do people need a God to feel fulfilled and to be happy? Can't we be happy with what we have already? I think its just human nature to not feel alone in this world. That's why we seek companionship, romantic or friendly, because we are social creatures. Even the most social outcast has someone that they confide in or have imaginary friends.

God is just another imaginary friend. Here is a friend that is with you forever, who is merciful and understands you. Its like having an imaginary best friend that you call out for help when you need it. The problem is that we don't hear a response, so we seek signs, omens, or priests, who we are told are in communication with God. Priests and Prophets are like the middle men between God and the world. It's funny how God always chooses Prophets in private, usually in a dream, and tells them "Ok, I'm God, this is what I want to tell the people".

No one believes "prophets" anymore because most people can tell that he's just some crazy guy that talks to himself a lot. Priest are still respected simply because they have a church and fancy wardrobe that looks impressive. In the end they are still just old men wearing outdated clothing - who walks around in a robe anymore? At least pastors spend their "hard" earned money on expensive suits at the same store pimps get theirs. I don't know why people think that Priest are so great, I mean, one thing is believing in and imaginary man in space and another thing is thinking that you got to spend your life working for them.

If God is all powerful, why does he need men to do his work? In Catholicism one must confess sins to a catholic priest. Its such an embarrassing act, here you are in a dark closet, speaking to another person, and telling him all the sins that you have committed. But what happens? Most people end up committing the same sins over and over. Who out there hasn't confessed the same sin more than once? Stop confessing your sins, plus the majority of those so called "sins" didn't really hurt anyone.