Why do we believe in God?


The lost gospels that were found in Egypt tell us a different side of the Christian religion, and had they been included in the current bible, Christianity would be very different today or maybe it wouldn't haven't lasted so long. The early leaders, condemned the other gospels as heretic and for over a thousand years they have been unheard of. However, the truth is that these lost gospels have been found and are preserved in Egypt where they were found.

Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 300 miles south of Cairo. A library of 50 individual works of Christianity were found. These are the lost gospels of Christianity, the ones that did not make it to the bible. But the story of Jesus in these are very much different. A Jesus who didn't die, who sought vengeance against his enemies, and who shared a strong bond with Mary Magdalen.

The gospel of Thomas was discovered in it's entirety. Written in Egyptian language, it's writing style is different in that it speaks of direct quotes from Jesus. It's not the story of Jesus, about his miracle birth, death and resurrection , but instead speaks of the wisdom that Jesus thought. The gospel of Thomas is a collection of Jesus' quotes;  some of the quotes match what other gospels say, but there are some new ones that reveal Jesus in a new light.

The most shocking is the following conversation between Jesus and Peter

"Peter says: Let Mary [magdalene] go away from us because women are not worthy of life. Jesus says  Behold I will lead her so that she might become male so that she might become also a living spirit like you males because any woman who makes herself male will go into the kingdom in the heavens" Thomas verse 114

It's not to mean a literal transformation of gender. In those days men were considered to be superior because they were made from the image of God. Here Jesus says that Mary will also become as perfect as they are and any person who becomes a more perfect human being will be able to reach the kingdom of heaven.

The gospel of Thomas was written to be read (it wasn't hidden from the public) and was written on the highest quality of paper (papyrus) at the time. It was also meant for the reader to think, this gospel is very cryptic and filled with riddles.

Why was this Gospel deemed heretic by the orthodox Christians? Who is to say which gospel had it right? They were all written around the same time, and these new gospels have been tested and found to be written within a century after Jesus death, some speculate that this and other gospels were written earlier than the ones found in the New Testament.

It just goes to show you that the bible was constructed by men. The Gospels were picked out from a stack of many, and the outcome shaped the history of Christianity forever.